Christopher Cross & Michael McDonald ‘Ride’ On Jimmy Fallon

I am rarely up late, as I am the mother of a precocious and nocturnal child. For this reason I was completely unaware of Jimmy Fallon's recent ode to Easy Listening a/k/a "yacht rock." For a lover of Soft Rock such as myself, seeing Christopher Cross--whose likely living well from the residuals that "Sailing" brought him--and Michael McDonald--who still sings nicely yet unintelligibly--together for their song "Ride Like The Wind" was great. And did I mention that Christopher Cross totally rocked out with his c*ck out on the guitar solo towards the end of this song? Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be jumping on my imaginary yacht, twirling in circles for no apparent reason swathed in lace, and avoiding a total eclipse of my heart.

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  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Swear on my life I have Christopher Cross's entire disography on my MP3 player right now. I was just listing to "Think or Laura", "Is There Something" and "I really dont know anymore" (also with Mcdonald. Alway loved his music.
    And what can be said about Mcdonald? (Got all of his solo and Doobie Brothers stuff too) One of the best voices in music for the last 30 years. Hands Down.
    Kenny Loggins is great too. REAL blue eyed soul, no Timberlake

  • I do a mean Michael McDonald impersonation of him singing "What A Fool Believes".

  • CC went IN on that solo! OMG!

  • Manamongst Hussein

    Not to mention Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald were maic together writing.
    I love Think of Laura, but I just can't get that General Hospital theme that hijacked that song back in the days.
    There are no real torch bearers for what they did.
    Paolo Nutini has a few interesting tracks like "No Other Way" but that's no soft rock.

  • Wow...this takes me back to high school. I love CC's music, as well as MM, Hall & Oats and the rest of the Vmmm (vanilla-mocha music makers).