Bounce-Worthy: Saunders Sermons

Miami native Saunders Sermons first love may have been singing, but it quickly encompassed Jazz as well when he picked up the trombone at the tender age of 11. Currently touring with Maxwell, Saunders' MySpace page proudly boasts "I worked with all my top friends. Have you?" He's not one to rest on his laurels, obviously, but his bragging and boasting is justified. He can name Jill Scott, Diddy, Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, and countless others as his past collaborators. So you're not still impressed? Then I'll say this: despite our varied musical tastes, every last one of SoulBounce's editors and extended family have been loving this like cooked food. And since copping his latest album Classic Delight, I have been listening to the two songs below daily at least three times each. Get yourself better acquainted with Saunders and you'll be doubly rewarded.

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  • stainedglass

    Thanks for this post! I bought his cd back in May and he definitely brings something fresh to the music scene. Looking forward to his new project.

  • asha

    thanks for the introduction. that was so refreshing.

  • jj

    Love it!

  • Vivrant Thang

    Props to Nic and Phonte for tweeting about this cat. Apparently, we were tardy to the party! In a Sentimental Mood is my absolute favorite jazz song and I don't like it to be messed with. Saunders does it so right! I've been playing the album nonstop. Ya'll real music lovers should be too.

  • Butta

    Girl, we are "sohere"!! Those are my faves, too. "Don't You Understand" is my joint.

  • Cheril N. Clarke

    Congrats, Saunders. I'm so proud of you!

  • jwolf

    great post, got the album and its great.

  • SoulUK

    OK so how exactly did i miss this one?!
    Thanks must go to Vivrant Thang for tweeting me about this. Don't You Understand is standalone a definite highlight of the year for me. Gonna go take a listen to the album.

  • Assata

    Thought I was the only one rocking it....purchased it at S.O.B.'s when Saunders did a dope show at Eric Roberson's Sol Village in July-August....been rocking it constantly. Love him and the album. I'm am glad to see he his getting some shine...very deserving!

  • coco

    Oh this is beautiful... I'm picturing me at home with a glass of wine taking it in. Can't wait to get the album

  • .::MuZik::.

    This dude is RIDICULOUSLY tight.
    Thanks, Ill Mami!

  • DarrenCharles


  • 2mysoul

    I'm speechless! This was really the highlight of my dreary day. The rain outside just adds to the mood that this man's music puts me in. Definately gonna check out the album.

  • Shaimond

    He makes great music..!

  • Daphne

    "Classic Delight"..indeed. And a very nice guy..talked with him and other band members after a show. So sweet & cool with us!!

  • LaVistas

    Nice read. Great Album!! "Don't You Understand" has become my favorite!

  • cshady1

    Luv this CD!! Great music by an outstanding musician! I'm glad u guys reviewed his CD...well deserved!!

  • Toko

    Wow, this is outstanding! Gotta go buy CD. Thank you very much!!! Love, Toko

  • Teresa Berger

    Thanks for the awesome review of my artist Saunders Sermons! Much love for exposing this great music to the world!

  • Danielle Beckom

    He is a timeless talent, his sound is unique, one of a kind. his CD is the BEST (CD

  • Kym

    Thanks for this post, I will be buying this cd this weekend. I'm enjoying this

  • D

    Wow, what a gem, love the feeling when you hear an amazing artist for the first time. Listening to a live performance on his Myspace as we speak, got me bouncing, shades of Peven Everett. Shout out from Amsterdam for hooking me up!

  • Ann

    Amazing Talent. I instantly fell in Love with this song. I will definitely get this album. Thanks for the introduction!!!