M.I.A.’s ‘Born Free’ Is A Very Serious Matter

I'm not a big M.I.A. fan, but I can appreciate some of her music that doesn't sound like noise and her videos with lots of brown and black faces. Her new song, "Born Free," and the accompanying video, however, does not fall into either aforementioned category. M.I.A. takes us on a punk rock detour with "Born Free," but the song is background music for the nine-minute long mini-movie. M.I.A. is not present in the NSFW video but in her absence there's full frontal nudity, troops rounding up red-headed white dudes, vivid scenes of people getting shot and bodies blown to bits. A far cry from the frenetic fun of "Bucky Done Gun," this video is a very serious, disturbing matter.

  • Bella

    I'm so lost. Either this video makes a statement about the ongoing animosity between the Irish in Britain and the British (which I know very little about) or it has nothing to do with that and is just a way for M.I.A. to get back in the news. You never know, some artists will do anything and slap an "it's art, so you wouldn't understand" label on it.

  • afroburbs

    Horrible. What is her point?

  • Iamthenewblack

    I am a huge M.I.A. fan and Kala was one of the best albums in the past couple of years. If you don't understand or try to understand the video then carry-on with Lady Gaga, Kesha and all the other M.I.A. rip-offs.
    That's all.

  • baybruh

    Love MIA and loves how she can be hot and political all in one

  • Tld

    Well,Iamthenewblack do you understand it?Some people say they get the point but they don't just so they act as it they know whats really going on.

  • readbtlines1

    This video is a metaphor for genocide. There is a stigma that red-heads (or gingers as they are offensively called in Europe) are inferior to the rest of the population. In this video, they are systematically being harassed, marginalized, and in this case rounded up for extermination, similar to many conflicts going on across the globe. Replace the red-heads with any ethnic minority: Tamils (Sri Lanka), Palestinians, Tutsis (Rwanda), etc. Rather than using another brown face, another group is being used and has gotten everyone's attention. The irony of the song title is that we are not born free, because just simply being who you are, may cost you your life. Just my take...

  • Ro

    @readbtlines1: Nice interpretation.
    I don't find it to be senseless or a gimmick. Just massively unsettling and totally relevant.

  • dazzla

    I totally get the video. She is making a statement on genocide and trying to make it hit home by showing victims (the redheads) that don't look like your typical genocide victims ( brown people). She wants people that are not directly touched by genocide to put themselves in the shoes of people that are. That being said, I don't really care for the music it is set to.

  • Europe

    The word ginger uses exactly the same letters that the word nigger does