Robert Glasper & Zynzelay ‘Shine’ For Dilla

Let's all agree that Robert Glasper is awesome. Okay? Great. Now add vocalist Zynzelay to the mix with her self-penned verses inspired by a Gilles Peterson-J Dilla interview and you get "Dilla*Shine." As you can imagine, it's definitely a morose track, but in their hands, becomes a gentle ode to a gentle musical giant.

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  • stoneyisland

    haunting track. Beautifully done, I'm a ride to this joint all day until the good feelings wear off.

  • give thx, stoney. that's what it's all about...and they may not wear off if you keep the song in your heart 😉

  • Johnny Stewart

    Awesome track, awesome

  • A cool song.... at least it made me dream for some time while I was listening to it!

  • Sooooo Smooth my style of sound. Cuz you rocked in your own swag. It just made me want to lay back mellow out.

  • Yes!!!! This is beautiful...Zenzi's vocals flow like water all over this melodious composition...marriage made in heaven that the ears openly welcome..
    such a wonderful sonic expression of pastel colors..(yeah, that's how I hear it)!!!
    Zenzelay, all day!!!

  • Serious Offworld Magnificence.
    *Chakras lighting*
    #ShineOn Lady Zyn, and Sir Glasper.

  • Brenda Brown

    Gave me chills!!!! Simply awesome. I love it. BB