‘Boogie’ Down With Tall Black Guy & Michael Jackson

Our Summer of Michael Jackson celebration may have ended a month ago, but our love for the man and voracious appetite for all things Michael hasn't. Thank goodness we have people like Tall Black Guy to satisfy our hunger. A few weeks ago he blessed us with The Remix Suite and heads were snapping at the unique way in which he flipped beloved MJ classics in his collection of remixes. If you missed the limited-time download, then it sucks to be you don't distress because he's dropped another gem with "We Can Ride the Boogie," which is built around that sliver of a lyric from the best Michael Jackson song ever, "Rock With You." Feel the heat when you listen below, then bounce on over to his Bandcamp page to get the goods for a nominal fee. 

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  • worldbefree

    i know this guy in real life!

  • stoneyisland

    everybody seems to want to remix Mike's shit. Unlike 99% of all musicians who NEED a remix nothing that Mike has put out NEEDS a remix.

  • Camogurl

    Love this flip on 'Rock With You' thank you for posting this!!!