The Foreign Exchange’s ‘Authenticity’ Gets The Theatrical Treatment

"Authenticity" is arguably my favorite track from The Foreign Exchange's latest album of the same name. I am, therefore, very pleased to see the newly released video for "Authenticity" be given a serious, theatrical tone after being placed into the hands of director Matthew Cherry. Given the song's overal theme, it's to be expected that the translation of this onto celluloid would lend itself to melancholic overtures. I must say, however, that I am thoroughly impressed with the direction, acting, and overall presentation of this video. Kudos to The Foreign Exchange even if they were not nominated for a GRAMMY this year--next year perhaps?--and kudos to Matthew Cherry for a job well done. 

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    This song makes me feel some type of way..and now so does the video..the video goes well with song..

  • SB

    Wow, very fitting video for the song. I like this very much. Foreign Exchange has come a long way so glad to see them thriving due to real music lovers out there recognizing and appreciating real art!

  • June

    I'm a hardcore FE fan but I'm not really feeling the video...,not a bad video but it just doesn't grab me the way the song does when I hear it.