Mariella Is ‘Lovesick,’ But Mark de Clive-Lowe Has The Cure

As I've said before, Mark de Clive-Lowe can do no wrong in my book. Whether he's applying his midas touch to soul, house, jazz, broken beat, or some mashed-up hybrid of them all, I get all giddy like a kid on Christmas morning whenever I see his name attached to something. Here he puts his remix skills to work on newcomer Mariella's single, "Lovesick." Although her original, self-produced version is a nice groove on its' own, MdCL's version kicks it up a few notches. It has enough soulful sensibilities to appeal to soul music fanatics, while adding enough thump to it to keep househeads on the dance floor. Listen to his remix below to find out if it's enough to cure you of whatever your ailment is. And be on the look out for more collabos between Mariella and Mark--as long as they promise that there's more where this came from.

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  • Vivrant Thang

    That whole first got that right! This is SICK. My booty started shaking and moving all around as soon as I pressed play. And I am loving Mariella's voice. Will definitely be keeping an eye out for more from her.

  • thanks so much for the support! I'm thrilled to announce i'll be spending June in Cali working with Mark again. Cheers!

  • Ms Marcia

    That is a lovely review Ivory! Bless you :))


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