Morning Soul: Every Time I Come Around Your City

  • Beyoncé is still king of the Billboard album chart despite sales of 4 falling off. [IDOL]
  • Nicki Minaj claims that she wasn't involved in a physical altercation with her assistant, but police reports don't lie. [BB]
  • Boom fiyah! Check the ways in which A Tribe Called Quest's Caribbean roots came out in their rhimes. [LU]
  • Bottoms up! Carlos Santana not only has his own shoe and purse line but now he has his own tequilla, too.  [SP]

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    Oakay, who is posting these videos? For Real? Bling Bling? Please tell me what this sorry excuse of a song has to do with Soul.

  • Jeddy, that would be me and I post all types of music for the Morning Soul videos. You do have the option not to watch them.

  • I'm NateGeezie and I approve of this video...