Morning Soul: Gimme That Dunkie Butt And Them Big Old Legs

  • Heather Headley returns to the scene with a starring role in the stage musical adaptation of The Bodyguard. [SAA]
  • The latest rapper to go through prison's revolving door is Gucci Mane. [BB]
  • Rihanna will serve as a mentor to contestants on The X Factor when it premieres this fall, which means that whoever she mentors is clearly doomed to fail by sounding like a billy goat. [TLL]
  • Diddy's Ciroc empire is growing. Look out for peach-flavored Ciroc coming soon. [BBB]

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  • FireMadeFlesh

    RFLMAO! I never knew they made a video for "Donkie Butt." XD
    *crying laughing* That was the J-ZAM!

  • Law Diva 1908

    LOL - come on Soul Bounce, whoever Rihianna mentors "is clearly doomed to fail" now that doesn't even make sense if you look at the charts for the last few years. I mean yall could make made a joke about her being a mentor to a singer in terms of her voice (or lack thereof) but she clearly knows how to be successful even with a less than stellar voice. How many people who we've decided were "bounce worthy" wouldn't sell their souls on the low for Rihannas level of success let's be real!

  • Butta

    @FMF: This is actually the second video for "Dunkie Butt." The first one was a little rawer and browner: LOL
    @LD1908: I actually did mean to update that line (and I just did). True, Rihanna has done anything but fail but her success damn sure doesn't mean she can sing.

  • JB

    And I wouldn't give her much credit at all for her success. I credit her bosses who force her songs and image on the masses. She has little responsibility for her success.

  • chuckles

    Larry the Lamb is reportedly angered at Rihanna biting his style:

  • Law Diva 1908

    Now see Butta that line would have made me chuckle lol ;-)