Will You Have Another ‘Refill’ With Elle Varner?

When I first sampled R&B newcomer Elle Varner's "Refill" last fall, it didn't exactly leave a good taste in my mouth. This wasn't because the song was bad, per se, but because of the country hoedown of a sample that's used in it. Luckily, the song's video has added a bit of fairy-tale sweet to that bitter note. In the clip, Elle plays a teenager visiting NYC for the first time during a cheerleading competition. After sneaking out of her hotel, she bumps into a handsome stranger and is treated to an unexpected night out in the city that never sleeps. Unfortunately for Elle, this Cinderella affair is short-lived. As she gives Prince Charming her phone number through the cheerleading group's bus window, the bus pulls off, tearing the paper and leaving each with only a few digits. Oh well. At least she'll have the memories. Go ahead and get your fill of Elle's fairy tale by hitting play.

  • AI

    love the song, love the fiddle, love the video!

  • lele

    No shade. She has a nice voice but for some reason I'm not a fan of the way she sings.


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