Bounce-Worthy: Hiatus Kaiyote

They call their music "future soul." They have a name that is deceptively simple, yet makes you second guess your pronunciation because of its spelling. They have a lead vocalist whose voice could make the most resolute non-believer suddenly believe in whatever she wants you to. They're another band to add to the growing list of definitive soul music acts coming out of an isolated part of the world. They are Melbourne, Australia based four piece Hiatus Kaiyote.

After the bounce

Hiatus Kaiyote ride that fine line between the electronic sound of Little Dragon and the adventurous hip-hop soul spirit of Erykah Badu, maintaing a jazz sensibility while pushing the boundaries of music with jilted beats, funky bass lines, intricate harmonies and interesting rhythms. Add to this that they are eccentric, not only in appearance but, for a nice change in these Gaga times, in the actual music. Their songs take you on a ride; they have supreme highs, delicate lows and can be downright dirty and dramatic at times, which just makes you love them that little bit more.

At the helm of this futuristic joyride into rarely chartered territories of abundant musical pleasure, is intriguing vocalist Nai Palm, whose richly smoky tones are perfectly complimented by the textures and patterns weaved by her bandmates Perrin Moss, Paul Bender and Simon Mavin. Although they've only been together for a year, there is no sense of rushing or any sense of a hastily put together project in their debut EP which has recently been released, and for this our ears are thankful. Tawk Tomahawk is available through the band's Bandcamp page. Have a listen to the first single "Lace Skull" below, this track personifies the dramatic, complex soul energy I alluded to earlier. While you're at it, check out this live video of them performing an unreleased track, "Building a Ladder," in their hometown recently.

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