Did Kelis Do Us All a Favor?

About three years ago, hip-hop royalty Nas and Kelis parted ways and we are still getting new information on the details. I've never been one to find joy in the misfortune of others, but I can't help but wonder whether Kelis unknowingly did us all a huge favor. In light of Nas' forthcoming studio album, and me being that glass-half-full kind of guy, I figured we could drape ourselves in the silver lining resulting from his divorce. Let's consider the idea that an artist living a life free of conflict becomes dull and lacking creatively.

After the bounce

Tina had Ike, Marshall had Kim, and Mary J. had K-Ci, but the music created as a result of these destructive relationships was nothing short of timeless (or scary depending on who you ask). And while Mary J. has since boasted that there is no more drama in her life, something about those Burger King chicken commercials make us selfishly long for the days when her life was a tad bit more tumultuous. Nas has offered us a glimpse into his NY state of mind by titling his album, Life is Good, however this fan hopes that his ongoing bout with baby mama drama has those creative juices flowing. Watch below as Nas gives Sway his half of the story.

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  • sickwitit

    So far can't tell, haven't been feeling any of his new singles.

  • rtoriq

    Don't know if you are implying it, but let me just clarify that peace in one's life does not equate to boring in one's musical career. Just giving props to Ashford & Simpson, Stevie, the superb writer Amel Larrieux, Anthony Hamilton, Robin Thicke, Corriene Bailey, and i'm sure others who still make powerful, deep, and enjoyable music while still being committed partners, parents, fathers, mothers, or just being at peace with themselves.

    That said, bump a Kelis and her extortion-ass child support demands. Lol. They seemed mismatched as it was, so i'm not surprised they divorced. But if the byproduct of this is a good album by Nas, well shoo ima listen.

    • salamando

      it doesn't always equate to artistic stagnation, but it often does. depends on the personality of the artist - do they derive inspiration from peace of mind or uncertainty? many of my favorites seem to fall into the latter category. and maybe that appeals to me as a listener because I'm in the same situation.

      wondering if there's psych research on this..