Ne-Yo Gets ‘Lazy’

Ne-Yo has been busy in the studio since his last album, Libra Scale, suffered abysmal sales (unfortunately "Champagne Life" wasn't enough to save it). But he's gearing up for a new album entitled R.E.D., which is an acronym for "Realizing Every Dream," to be released on September 18th. He let the first single loose for fans to dig into, and I can't say that I'm really digging it. On "Lazy Love" Ne-Yo sings about the kinda love that renders you too lazy to do anything else. Whereas I'm not mad at the sentiment, the song isn't very impressive lyrically and melodically. The concept is clever, but the execution falls flat. For a song about getting busy, this isn't one that I'd want to hear playing in the background during sexytime. I'm just hoping that Ne-Yo comes a little stronger than this on R.E.D. otherwise that's exactly the color I'll be seeing when I listen to the album.


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