TenDJiz Offers Some ‘CommoNasm’ Propaganda For The Ears

It seems as though the public just can't get enough mashups these days. And given artists' inclination to follow trends, the good, the bad and the ugly have continued to surface with no sign of slowing down. Well, Miami based producer TenDJiz throws his hat into the mashup cypher with his mixtape CommoNasm, combining Common and Nas vocals with Soviet soul and jazz sample-based production. I approached this particular project with cautious optimism, but I'd have to say that TenDJiz won me over midway through this 10-track project. TenDJiz's production, mixing and scratching is damn near flawless on each of the project's cuts, most notably on the tracks "Purple Sun God," "Gold Moment" and "One Mic." I was so impressed that I went back to familiarize myself with his similar De La Soul project, De La Soulviet. TenDJiz manages to accomplish the most we can hope for from a mashup, and what many of his peers fail to, he offers listeners a new and interesting take on a familiar favorite. So while Communism may work out better in theory than when it's actually put into practice, CommoNasm gets a thumbs up in my book. Check the tracks below and download CommoNasm for free before you give in to capitalism and pick up your copy of Nas's Life Is Good, in stores now.


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