Urban Noize Brings Kanye West Home Again

The mashup master duo Urban Noize, responsible for AMERICANsummersnight and Brooklyn Chicago London, are back with more mixtape magic. Their latest project, Mr. West, takes the music of Kanye West to a level of soul that Kim Kardashian will never comprehend. This laid-back, summertime soul reworking of "Homecoming" featuring Coldplay's Chris Martin, originally on Graduation, is a perfect example of what the entire eight-track exclusive embodies. Dare I say that this sound is what has been missing from Kanye's work, post-Late Registration? Mr. West also boasts a monstrous mashup of "The Bounce" and Prince's "Darling Nikki" as well as the special addition of Florence Welch on Kanye's "Touch the Sky." Download Steve and Steven of Urban Noize's latest and greatest work and prepare for the best weekend you've seen all summer.

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