Eric Roberson & Hezekiah Take Us On A Date With The ‘Male Ego’

If SoulBouncers have learned anything about me over the years, then they should know that it's no secret that I love me some Eric Roberson. My long-standing Errobsession has had its perks (Eric has already agreed to sing at my wedding, I just need to find a groom), but now it's really paid off with Erro giving SoulBounce the opportunity to world premiere his brand new video for the song "Male Ego." The track is taken from his smash hit album Mister Nice Guy and features rapper Hezekiah who also directed the clip that finds Eric in the middle of a cast of characters "wookin' pa nub" at a speed dating event. We see various types of guys and gals making awfully hilarious and hilariously awful first impressions on the opposite sex. There's the golddigger, there's the germaphobe, there's the brotha who whips out the Magnums (not the ice cream bars), there's the narcoleptic sista -- there's a whole lot going on amongst this crew of singletons looking to make a love connection. Many of the faces that you see in it are real-life Eric Roberson fans, aka ERFLings, which makes this all the more special. So without further adieu, hit the bounce to watch SoulBounce's exclusive world premiere of the video for "Male Ego"!

After the bounce

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