Gummy Soul Takes Us On ‘A Quest To The Pharcyde’

Mash-up maestro extraordinaire Amerigo Gazaway of Gummy Soul is back at it again, this time mining two of hip-hop's Golden Era greats for a funky trip down memory lane. A Tribe Called Quest and Pharcyde, two outfits known for their incorporation of jazz loops and hip-hop beats in their music (and also have more than a passing affiliation with the late, great producer J. Dilla), surprisingly didn't collaborate as often as one would think. Amerigo's corrected that little hiccup, though, pairing vocals from some of Pharcyde's best songs with loops and samples made famous by Tribe as well as some of the original sources of Tribe's flips to create Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to the Pharcyde. Like Fela Soul before it, what results is an interesting journey sure to make you long for the days when you had no idea what a Gucci Mane was. In addition, the Gummy Soul guys also released a video for "Runnin'," which mixes perhaps one of Pharcyde's biggest hits with Tribe's headnodding groove from "Electric Relaxation" to great effect. While it borrows footage heavily from Pharcyde's original video, they manage to work some ATCQ iconography into the mix as well. Bizarre Tribe is available for the low price of free right now. To see exactly what Amerigo is cooking with, preview the tracks below and hit the bounce to see the video mashup for "Runnin'."

After the bounce

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