Choklate Gets Us ‘Wide Open’ In A Roller Skating Rink

There are a few things that I regret not doing when I was a youth. High on the list are never seeing New Edition in concert during their heyday and never learning to ride a bicycle or roller skate. But I'm steadily crossing things off of my bucket list, and just a few months ago I saw NE live for the first time (and acted/screamed/damn near fainted like I was 16 to boot). And if I can get past the shame of being a grown ass woman riding a bicycle with training wheels, then that might get crossed off the list at some point soon. But one thing that you will never find me in or on again is a pair of roller skates. I tried to skate once a few years ago and rolled two inches before fell on my behind so hard that I vowed never again. I am too old to be breaking bones for fun. It's with a certain amount of envy when I see people on roller skates not just gliding across the floor but dancing, doing tricks and what not. So you can imagine how many shades of green I turned while watching Choklate's shiny new video for her single, "Wide Open," set in a roller skating rink. Chok and her peeps are hell on wheels as they roll, bounce and dance to her song. Everyone looks to be having so much fun, but especially Choklate who looks radiant with a smile as contagious as this groove. While my roller skating days may be over before they even began, I'll just sit on the sidelines enjoying this video and anticipating Chok's new album, Fly, when it hits stores on Tuesday, October 16th.