Common & Colbie Caillat Help Kids Relax And ‘Breathe’

Over 43 years after its debut, Sesame Street is still enlisting the help of popular artists to teach life lessons to little ones around the world. The latest to get in on the fun is Common, who is joined by singer Colbie Caillat and Elmo, to give kids a lesson about anger management on "Belly Breathe." Although fun and lighthearted at first glance, this little ditty has a much more serious purpose as the Windy City emcee talks about using deep breathing exercises as a means to deal with feelings of frustration and anger. In the clip, viewers are introduced to Elmo's scary angrier alter ego who flips out before using the belly breathing techniques to calm himself down. Elmo isn't the only one in the video who showcases another side of himself, as Common transforms into angry Muppet Com. Luckily for us, neither he or Elmo stay angry for long, thanks to these easy tips. Even though it's geared towards kiddies, I'm sure there are quite a few adults that could benefit from giving this clip a spin, or two or three.

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