Lloyd Wants To Take You On A ‘Sexcapade’

I'll admit to being a casual Lloyd listener. I don't seek out dude's music, but if I happen to hear a song of his I don't rush to turn the radio dial or change the television channel unlike I do when some of his contemporaries cross my radar. I happen to have a special place in my heart for "Get It Shawty," which is why I think I continue to pay this young man any mind and every now and then I'm pleasantly surprised by his output. Such was the case when I heard the track "Sexcapade" from his upcoming mixtape, The Playboy Diaries. As the title suggests, Lloyd wants to take his lady on a freaky sneaky journey to ecstasy. I'm certainly not mad at that as that's one of my favorite destinations. I could have done without the Roscoe Dash feature, but what sealed the love deal for me was Lloyd's adept sample of Aaliyah's "4 Page Letter." That and the lyric "when you look back at your lifetime, I want to be the one that blows your mind" really did it for me and ensured a place for "Sexcapade" on my sexytime playlist. Look and listen out for The Playboy Diaries when it hits these internet streets on October 29th.
After the bounce

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