Alice Russell Has A Message For Her ‘Heartbreaker’

Back in August we brought you an acoustic version of Alice Russell's upcoming single, "Heartbreaker," from her album, To Dust, due February 2013 on Tru Thoughts. The track was due to be released last month, but, for reasons unknown, there has been a delay and now the release has been bumped to November 19th and will include both the studio and acoustic versions, along with two remixes. In preparation for the release, Alice has unleashed the song's video, and it's certainly an amusing affair, with a middle-aged gentleman (played by actor/radio host Harry Shearer) holed up in a hotel room, complete with make-up, wig and dress, making himself up to look like Alice. That "awkward" moment where he bumps into her in the hotel's lift, wearing the exact same outfit, definitely put a smile on my face. I have no idea what this has to do with the song's subject matter -- being broken-hearted and realizing that you have to let go -- but the video is fun and Alice is sounding amazing as always.

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