Get A ‘Lift’ From Laura Jane & Groovy Arythmetics

It's a bit embarrassing that I'm just now turning a glowing soul light on Laura Jane, a singing siren out of the Motor City who has been a former back-up singer to variant acts like like Taylor DayneEnrique IglesiasJoss Stone and the late Teena Marie. Blushing I am about it, considering I relish in being a smug know-it-all and because new music is what keeps me going in the slow spin of this world. So to rectify the shame, I'll just sway along her wonderful single "Lift Me Up" and take in the charismatic personality of Miss Jane in the accompanying video. With the Groovy Arythmetics providing the back-up, the curly coiffed singer sign, seals and delivers on this lusty marriage of soul and after hours soulful house, and the result simply seduced me within just a few seconds. A complete sucker I am for combinations like this and happy happy joy joy this one goes on for a good five minutes. Everything Changes marks Laura Jane's second release (she released her debut, To My Planet Boo, back in 2005...see how late I am?), but I have pushed aside doubt, as I know that we'll be hearing and seeing more from this background singer who is now basking in her own spotlight. 

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