Jess Harlen Will Lure You In With ‘Weaving’

It's been a few months since we heard anything new from New Zealand-born vocalist Jess Harlen. She released her album, Park Yard Slang, earlier this year and we clued you in about her with the music video for the lead single, "Let You Down." Now she dusts off "Weaving," one of the highlights from the album, and brings us the music video for it. "Weaving" is an honest soul track that has a mellow groove that allows Harlen's haunting voice to draw you in and entrance you. The music video alternates between black-and-white shots of Harlen wandering the streets of New York City pondering lost love, and krumper HallowDreamz in a gold mask doing what he does best on rooftops. A music video can often make or break a song for me, and in this case Harlen has managed to create an image that rather than distract from the song puts the picture into focus, emphasizing the confusion, pain and solitude felt when love leaves.

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