Michael Kiwanuka Shows That Life Isn’t ‘Always’ What It Seems

So, here I am again. Late to the party. Michael Kiwanuka, former aspiring session guitarist, and winner of BBC's Sound of 2012 has been making waves for quite some time now with his album Home Again, and I'm just now giving him a fair listen. "Always Waiting" and its moving visual is what finally brought me to the light. If you've ever had a loved one affected by Alzheimer's disease, you may find this new video hard to watch. The affected central character's anguish becomes your own as you knowingly question why things end up the way they do. It's been said that Michael Kiwanuka is all about the voice, and I'm inclined to believe that's true. He doesn't appear one time throughout the whole video, allowing the focus to remain on his voice which, at times, takes a backseat to the story being told. Seeing how the song and video complement each other so well may make you wonder where the treatment for it came from. It's the winning submission from a competition run by Kiwanuka and Genero TV earlier this year. In announcing the winner on his Facebook page, the British soul folk singer (box if we must) said, ". . . I loved the sentiment of the winning video and the feel of it. It brings the song to life, especially the lyrics. The lead lady really draws you in and along with a great story line, the film really captures the imagination of this side of the screen."