Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip Dream Of Doing ‘Justice’

Be glad we didn't post this yesterday -- it would've made for some awkward conversation at the dinner table. Because at some point, every one of us -- regardless of generation or gender -- has fantasized about Janet Jackson. But thankfully, instead of hearing your mom share stories of sneaking backstage that night on the janet. tour and "schemin' how to nail her," you get to listen in on Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes as they reminisce on time spent in the '90s working with the pop icon, over a sample of her quintessential babymaker "Any Time, Any Place." Of course, years after she co-starred with Tip in the movie Poetic Justice (and before she collaborated with Busta on "What's It Gonna Be"), there were rumors of Jackson and the former doing the grown-up dance in real life. While his freestyle on this cut suggests the rumors were just that, let's remember that nobody keeps a secret quite like Janet. Just ask René Elizondo. If you can find him.


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