LL Cool J & Joe ‘Take It’ Back In The Day

While we all know that hip-hop icon LL Cool J can flow with the best of them, he's also equally as talented when he slows things down for the ladies. And so he did with "Take It," the first "official" single from his upcoming Authentic Hip Hop. For the song's video, he's back in "ladies love" mode as he seduces a stylist on a video set. Well, to be more accurate, the stylist is dreaming about the rap veteran seducing her. In her dreams, she imagines an LL in each of his many eras rapping sweet nothings to just her. In the real world, LL and Joe get dapper and smooth as the typical video scenarios play out. I must admit, it's a genius concept on LL's part and a perfect way to bridge the old to the new. Still, will it be enough to woo those that might've forgotten that LL also raps? You be the judge when you check out the clip.

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