Tamar Braxton Gets Her Life On ‘Love And War’

After a couple years of Tamar Braxton yammering on about how "hot" she is and how she is not just an ordinary "doo wop pop-pop" background vocalist on Braxton Family Values, the youngest Braxton sister finally has released her new single, "Love and War." Honestly, I feel salty. This single is EVERYTHING that Tamar has hyped. I think everyone knew that Tamar was talented, but I didn't take Toni Braxton seriously when she pointed out on the show that Tamar was the best singer of the five sisters but big sis may be on to something. "Love and War" is a melodramatic tune about the ups and down of a relationship, playing up the relationship between "love" and "war" (much like Robin Thicke yet sounding eerily similar to Keyshia Cole's "Trust and Believe"). While Tamar has those Toni Braxton-patented low growls, she shows some incredible depth and color in her voice that I have not heard in some time. From her nagging speaking voice, I did not anticipate her style being this versatile. I'm sure that many people who catch either of Tamar's shows wonder how her husband, music mogul Vincent Herbert, can put up with the drama, but I'm sure he knew he fell in love with an abundance of talent. If this is the direction Tamar is heading in with her new project, she could easily find herself gushing over GRAMMY-nominations one year from now.

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  • bibi93

    Very good song

  • soulzkidd

    Good song

  • sickwitit

    How is it any better than Keyshia Coleslaw's song though? Tamar has a great voice but i'm not impressed by this........

    • Jcrewedup

      It's just.....*finding the word* BETTER.

      & I love me some Keyshia tho.

  • Dre

    Yikes! This song is better than I thought it would be. I like it.

  • Derrick

    Tamar SANG this!

  • Americaisafreecountry

    Absolutely love this song. The similarity to Keyshia's song is really irrelevant cause Tamar is killing this song. Plus there's room for both songs. I like Keyshia's song but I LOVE Tamar's song. If the rest of her album is this good, all I can say is OMG and I can't wait for it to come out and hear the rest.

  • Kimberly Cooley


  • LotusDoll

    Go 'head Tamar. Its lovely, full of emotion and range. Beautiful! Proud of baby girrl.

  • JNez

    This song has made me pay attention to Ms. Tamar.

  • Fontaine J Danger Marsi

    She amuses me as much as she irritates me. Happy for her and she has a great voice but I hate her material.