Bilal Gets ‘Surreal’ On His New Album Cover & Gets Live In Concert

After dropping the visuals for his latest single "Back to Love" last week, Bilal continues to work me fans into a frenzy by giving a sneak peak at the cover art for his third official album, A Love Surreal. Due out February 26th, the Salvador Dali-inspired cover and artwork was shot by highly respected photographer Marc Baptiste. In true Bilal fashion, the surrealist artwork manages to say a little and a lot the same time while also paying homage to one of the art world's most celebrated painters. And though you'll have wait a bit longer to actually hear the album, you can pre-order it on iTunes. A quick scan of the tracklisting, which you can also view after the bounce, shows a collaboration with Robert Glasper called "Butterfly" that we're sure will be all that and a bag of chips, if their previous collabos are any indication.

After the bounce

Bilal A Love Surreal tracklist

West Side Girl
Back to Love
Winning Hand
Longing and Waiting
Right At the Core
Slipping Away
Lost For Now
Never Be the Same
Butterfly feat. Robert Glasper
The Flow

In the meantime, as we wait with baited breath for new music from one of our favorite vocalists, we can bide our time with the recently released video of him performing "White Turns To Grey" at the Shrine in Chicago. Already sultry in its own right, Bilal turns the sexy allllll the way up as he performs his vocal acrobatics in this lovely clip. This is a short-but-sweet reminder that when the Philly native gets on the mic, he leaves it all on the stage. Just be warned though; you may need a cold shower by the time he croons that last note.

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