Bilal Gives Us A ‘Surreal’ Look Behind The Scenes

As we play "Back To Love" over and over, patiently awaiting the release of Bilal's new album, he has decided to offer us an in depth look into his creative process. Filling us in on the journey that led to his forthcoming release, A Love Surreal, Bilal reveals that he initially only intended to put together an EP. "It was just so easy that the music just started to flow. It usually takes me at least two to three years to make an album," he admits. Serving as Bilal's fourth studio album, A Love Surreal will feature very special moments with a little help from soul-sister trio KING on "Right At The Core" and GRAMMY Award-nominated pianist and producer Robert Glasper on "Butterfly." Bilal's A Love Surreal is now available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes and will officially be available everywhere on February 26th.

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