Do We Care That Beyoncé Lip-Synced The National Anthem At Inauguration?

Yesterday the world witnessed President Barack Obama being inaugurated to his second and last term as President of the United States of America. After numerous speeches, fashion statements by Michelle, Sasha and Malia and being publicly sworn in, the historic occasion was punctuated by a performance of the National Anthem by Beyoncé. The superstar braved the frigid temperatures, got in Sasha Fierce character (watch the change in her face right before she starts singing) and belted out a pretty flawless rendition of the hallowed song. Immediate praise and kudos were piled on the singer, many comparing her performance to that of the gold standard set by Whitney Houston when she performed "The Star Spangled Banner" at Super Bowl XXV in 1991.

After the bounce

Well, it appears as if all that praise was a bit premature as today it was revealed that Mrs. Knowles-Carter lip-synced her entire inauguration performance. A spokesperson for the United States Marine Band spilled the tea on Front Street that King B made a last minute request for her pre-recorded vocals and a backing track of the Marine Band to be used instead of manning up and singing live. Artists lip-syncing at live events is a common practice and Beyoncé is no stranger to it (after all it's hard to sing and shake your jelly at the same time), but at Obama's inauguration? C'mon, son. If there was ever a time for Bey to hunker down and practice a song, which she only did one time with the band, then this was it. It's disappointing to find out that Beyoncé, who can sing unlike many of her peers, took the easy way out by lip-syncing, but on the real side I have to say that this was her most convincing acting job ever. She sure had me fooled.

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