Josephine Paints A Lovely ‘Portrait’

One of last year's great discoveries for me was the Manchester vocalist known simply as Josephine. As I knock my head against the wall repeatedly for still not yet diving into her debut album, Portrait, provoked I am once again by the lure that is the gorgeous title track. Incorporating lush strings and a elegant doo-wop charm, "Portrait" sways along very nicely, letting Josephine's unique vocals take center stage. Though I have expressed before about being tired of the whole retro-soul revival gamut, Josephine really brings something peerless to the mix as she doesn't bombard you with throwback tactics, keeping things sweet and simple. I even have to admit, for a moment, I was questioning if this song was indeed really recorded in this century as it sounds so refreshing and timeless all at once. Now don't think that Josephine is always going to come quietly like she does here, as she's joining the fiery singing siren known as Paloma Faith on tour in UK starting later this month and no doubt will wow larger audiences with her artistry like she has done for me with every single she has dropped.


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