Shareefa Can’t Decide To ‘Stay’ Or Go

How's this for a delayed response? About two and a half years ago, Shareefa dropped the single "Should I Stay," a ballad of sorts about a two-timing lady. She just released a music video for the track, and boy, is it juicy! We enter into the story with Boss Lady screaming out as her house is getting robbed. Her hubby runs into the house to console her, but as the video plays out, we learn about Reefa's dirty deeds and her acting skills. Turns out she's been seeing another man on the side -- not for a few weeks, for at least a few years. This fact becomes evident when Shareefa reveals that her side-piece is actually the father of her little girl and regularly takes her for supervised visits. Scandalous! That girl is going to need some counseling in the future. But that's not all that's going on; her current man thinks he's the father and doesn't know about her cheating. Folks, we have a nominee for the next guests on Maury. But how does a house robbery fit into all of this? Viewers are given a single clue: a forgotten passport. Press play to see how the drama plays out.