Elli Ingram Does Kendrick Lamar More Than ‘Justice’

Who doesn't love Kendrick Lamar's "Poetic Justice," the hip hop slow jam, which heavily samples Janet Jackson's bedroom banger "Anytime, Anyplace." After his damn good performance of the track on Saturday Night Live a few weeks back, it has regained its place on my heavy rotation playlist. And nowI have a new version of the song to add alongside it. British vocal powerhouse Elli Ingram has taken Kendrick's track and completely made it her own. Singing not only Janet's sampled vocals, but also Kendrick and Drake's verses as well, Elli attacks the song and owns it with stellar vocals and verve and style that exudes confidence. And, as if demolishing the song vocally wasn't enough, Elli also filmed a video for the track. In it, she keeps things simple with nighttime city scenes, colored lighting and her own fabulousness. Emoting in her fur collared coat and hoop earrings, she exudes style, sass and class. To sample Elli's take, you can listen to and download the track below. As a bonus,  you can also check out the song's sophisticated video after the bounce.

After the bounce

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