No Need To Be Queen When Andy Allo Can Be ‘King’

If you believed that Andy Allo would stay mum after the release of last year's Superconductor you might want to re-think your thought. Strapped with a beaut of an ivory guitar, Allo popped up for Guitar Center Sessions on DIRECTV to give viewers a dosage of her sweet n' sassy spunk on one of Superconductor's funkiest numbers. She brings half of the New Power Generation crew for zesty horn back-up, and they all dive into "If I Were King," even throwing down a few spotlight instrumentals in the mix. Those looking to see if Allo's mentor Prince would make an entrance will be disappointed, but, really, Andy always has and always will do fine all by her bad self as she does here. Allo didn't just give a spotlight to one track, as she also stomped and funked the stage with the excellent "People Pleaser" in a performance that you can view after the bounce. [H/T: DFB]

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