‘Braxton Family Values’ Returns With More Sisterly Comedy & Family Drama

Last night, the hit reality show Braxton Family Values returned to WE tv for its third season premiere with more of the sisterly comedy and family drama that it's become known for. Central to this episode was the breakout success of Tamar Braxton's single "Love and War" with the cameras following her from one press appearance and performance to the next. While Tamar/She/Her was busy getting her life, her sisters decided to carry on with theirs and go on vacation to Italy where hilarity ensued. Between stomping grapes, random acts of booty pinching, an unfortunate birthday cake, impromptu riverdancing and a topless moment, Toni, Traci, Towanda and Trina were laughing and living it up. In Tamar's absence, shade was thrown her way and from the episode two preview it looks as if it'll pop off next week. But that's not all of the family -- and personal -- drama that this season of Braxton Family Values has in store. 

Traci Braxton, who for the past two seasons has struggled to find her place amongst her sisters, is poised to upgrade from "The Wannabe" to the "The Wild Card" in season three. Not only will she be featured more prominently, but we might even get to hear some of her solo material that she has recorded. That's right, Tamar isn't the only one with a new album on the way. This year should see the release of Traci's solo debut single at the very least, and from what I've heard of the project, audiences will be surprised and impressed at the heat that this Braxton is bringing.

While Traci's star is on the rise, however, word on the street is that things on her homefront aren't as shiny and happy. My sources tell me that Traci's husband, Kevin Surratt, may have other love interests outside of his marriage, which could possibly have an offspring. I always thought it strange that we rarely saw Traci's husband after a brief appearance in the first season, but the other sisters' husbands got so much camera time. Well, this baby bombshell could be the reason why Mr. Surratt has been kept in the shadows, but that's just speculation. It will be interesting to see if he surfaces in season three and under what circumstances, but all I know is that I will be watching Braxton Family Values to see how this mystery unfolds. 

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