M.I.A. Hooks Us Up With This ‘Matangi Mix’

M.I.A. is the definition of originality. Everything she does is watched and admired by legions of fans who hunger for something different and mind-expanding. After some questionable delays, it looks like her fourth album, Matangi, will be hitting us soon. To get us ready we have the Matangi Mix, which is the product of an alliance between M.I.A. and the Kenzo fashion house. For the first five minutes, we are treated to some truly unique beats, chants and exotic sounds then M.I.A. jumps on the track with a flow that only she can deliver. The lyrics feature some empowering and sound-bite ready lines. My favorite is when she states, "the truth is like a rotten tooth, you gotta spit it out." One of the many things I dig about M.I.A. is that she is always challenging what I think could be popular music. I look forward to her highly anticipated, Hit-Boy heavy new album which will be dropping April 15th.


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