Sango Shows Us How To ‘Juke’

Early last year, I found myself singing the praises of Sango and his EP Trust Me. Fast forward a year and some change and I'm singing them once again. This time, though, my praise is for his latest track "Nujabes Juke." Named for late Japanese producer Nujabes (the track samples Minmi's Nujabes-produced "Shiki no Uta"), the track is a fast-paced, booty-popping good time from start to finish. Embracing Chicago's juke for all it's worth, Sango managed to flip Nujabes' originally mellow melody into something entirely fresh and new by speeding up the vocal sample, injecting it with a whole lotta hi-hat and cranking the bass bump up to 11. If you want to get your juke on, listen to the track below and then head to Soulection's Facebook profile for the free download.

After the bounce

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