SLV Urges Us To ‘Dig Deeper’

It's always parts thrilling and daunting when you trek into doing something by yourself. Just ask SLV the acronym nom de plume of Sandra Lilia Velasquez, whom after touring internationally and releasing three albums with the Latin band Pistolera has decided to go the solo route. Still she shouldn't have any worries as her debut four-track EP, Dig Deeper, is quite the charming affair, highlighting SLV's strengths as a vocalist and writer. Oh, and if you happen to have Meshell Ndegeocello produce the EP and play bass on a few tracks, then I say you've already gotten off to the right start. Dig Deeper hints of her Pistolera days as it captures some lush Latin jazz flavors and SLV even channels a little of Sade's smoky phrasing on tracks like the acoustic "History" and debut single "Enough" (the visual for which you can view after the bounce). I also wouldn't be the South Texas girl that I am if the all-Spanish "Sueño" didn't move me; it's a sweet and summery samba track that really stands out. Available for $5 on her Bandcamp page, Dig Deeper is a soothing aural treat, and proves that yes, SLV can indeed make it on her own.

After the bounce

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