We’ve ‘Found’ Another Reason To Love Lianne La Havas

I just started feeling better about missing Lianne La Havas' performances in the Lone Star State last week, only to be reminded of all I missed out on when I caught wind of her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. The Band-Aid was ripped off and it hurt all over again. Gorgeous in a white dress, Ms. La Havas took to Jimmy Kimmel's stage and performed my favorite track of hers, "Lost & Found." This song is the reason why I still haven't listened to her album in full. It never fails. Whether I shuffle the album or start from the top, when I get to track three, I get all lost in my feelings, hit repeat and do it all over again. So, there she was last night, performing my song, and it was just perfect, right down to the way her eyeshadow matched her guitar. International soul star is a good look for her, and she wears it well. Get "Lost & Found" with Lianne below and watch bonus footage of her performing "Is Your Love Big Enough?" after the bounce.

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