denitia and sene. Aim To Get You In ‘the nude.’

With the hot and hazy days of summer fast approaching, it's high time to get your summer soundtrack together. And while finding something to shake that thing to is usually at the top of the list, we can't forget about the sounds needed for the more quiet moments. Brooklyn duo denitia and sene. are here to help with their latest track "the nude." "Take off your things and put them next to mine, drop down your jeans and lay them on the side," they demand over a simply piano and drum loop. But, as direct as that request is, they're soon asking to "slow down" amongst a hazy swirl of horns. It seems, though, that the song might be as much about getting naked as it is about baring one's soul to another. Either way, it's a slyly sexy jam perfect for those late summer nights that turn into early summer mornings. "the nude." is available as a single on iTunes now, as is their debut album his and hers., which dropped this past March. But, before you go, press play for some seriously seductive sounds.


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