José James Proves He’s A ‘Vanguard’ With The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

What do you get when you mix the talent of José James with one of the world's best orchestras? Sheer musical magic. Some lucky folks who attended a special concert in Amsterdam this week got to experience a bit of that magic firsthand as José and The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra joined forces to perform a few tracks from José's recent album No Beginning No End as well as a few George Gershwin classics, including "Summertime" from Gershwin's well-known score for Porgy and Bess. For those of us whose passports haven't recently been stamped from trips to the Netherlands, one attendee was kind enough to tape a bit of the performance and share it online. In the clip, we get to see what José and Robert Glasper's "Vanguard" sounds like with a full orchestral arrangement. While the album version is, itself, perfection, this takes that perfection up a few notches with lush strings, soft woodwinds and brassy horns that make the song like a dream. Check out the video and be sure to listen to the full show here. [H/T: OKP]

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