L.A.M.P. Take Us On A Journey To ‘The Sun & The Moon’

I was completely entranced by L.A.M.P.'s "Springtime" when it dropped last week, so much so that I had already added Shades of Green to my "must cop" list when it drops on June 25th. The duo, comprised of producer Andy Compton and singer/songwriter Ladybird, nailed that laid-back, jazzy vibe I love so much and had crafted the perfect soundtrack to long, sun-drenched days by the pool. The pair have now released a second taster of the album, with a video for the track "The Sun & The Moon," and, while I'm not feeling it quite as much as their previous effort, it still hasn't swayed me from picking up the LP. The song dispenses with jazz in favor of a soft, subtle reggae bounce that complements Ladybird's mellow vocals perfectly, but doesn't make me instantly reach for the repeat button. The video is a pretty if somewhat generic accompaniment, featuring the pair and a young girl frolicking in a sunny climate, complete with the requisite washed-out color filters that one would expect from such a treatment.

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