Personal Life Shed A Little ‘Light’ On Their Upcoming Debut

At the start of last year we introduced you to Personal Life, a London-based collective of musicians -- consisting mainly of Amy Winehouse's Back To Black band -- helmed by musician/producer Robert Strauss and featuring the classic soul vocals of Stuart Lisbie. The collective were hard at work prepping their debut album and were planning to drop three singles in advance. Fast forward almost 18 months and that debut album, entitled Morning Light, is finally ready to drop on none other than Tokyo Dawn Records. With a mission to "bring back into popular consciousness the sound, production, songwriting and musicality dating back to the glory days of the music industry, when commercial pop also meant culturally significant, sophisticated and catchy music made with integrity for people of all ages to enjoy," they certainly have lofty ambitions, but the sampler put out by TDR suggests they may just pull it off. Take a listen after the bounce, and keep your eyes peeled for the full LP, which drops July 8th.

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