The Stepkids Hit The Jackpot With ‘The Lottery’

Perhaps the last thing we expected when we first heard The Stepkids' funky single "The Lottery" was that the visuals would go all Magic Mike on us. However, that's exactly what we get. The hilarious clip tells the story of a man who dreams of making it as a trombonist but instead finds himself spending his nights making that thang clap for crumpled ones. Of course, no one in his family knows about his nighttime maneuvers -- that is, until his mother happens to find his thong and few spare (and likely baby oil-covered) ones while cleaning his room. I'll leave what happens next for you to discover. I will say, though, that while watching the clip you'll encounter men in wigs and ridiculous outfits, some of the worst dancing you've ever seen and, of course, a whole lot of funny. Check "The Lottery," and be sure to watch out for their sophomore set Troubador when it's released this September.

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