We’re Not ‘Afraid’ Of Something New From Amel Larrieux

Not much has been heard from songstress Amel Larrieux in recent years. However, with 2013 seemingly being the year of the comeback and new music coming from many artists we'd all but forgotten, it's only fitting that we be able to add her name into that mix. Amel surprises us with the release of her single "Afraid," a funky, jazzy ditty about the fear that arises when you meet that special someone that takes your breath away. Amel employs her beautiful, bird-like vocals effortlessly here, recalling some of her best musical moments. And, just when you think the song is about to end too soon, she turns up the charm and musicality with beautiful harmonies and ad-libs toward the track's end that send it even further into the stratosphere. Though nothing has been confirmed just yet, "Afraid" could be the first taste we're getting of her long-anticipated album, Ice Cream Everyday. While we wait for word, sample "Afraid" below and download run, don't walk, to AmazoniTunes or Juno to get your hands on the track now.


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  • cjayconrod

    I love this song! Honestly, Amel can do no wrong in my eyes. I've missed her contributions to R&B/Soul music for the last 4 years. So glad to know she's coming back with something this fall (according to her on twitter).

  • Keyknow

    Love it... Glad she's coming back strong!!!

  • Chasing Soul

    Love it!

  • Michael Lewis

    Diggin expected!

  • butter


  • The_Motley_Sage

    she's so consistent with her work. great music.

  • YoYo Marie

    Love her, love it. Can't wait for a new album.

  • Mahoganie Jade Browne

    Jumping for joy!

  • Enjoli Robin

    Loving you as always!

  • Simeon

    Mannnn, I love me some Amel! She been gone for a while but , just like Sade, every time she comes back she's coming 100% legit. Consistency! I love that in an artist, and that makes longevity. Been in love since "Tell Me" and it hasn't changed yet.

  • rok

    πŸ™‚ love!

  • sickwitit

    I only like the little breakdown part that they play on the Centric commercial.....

  • Irvin Kelly


  • Nona

    Loving it! I have been missing Amel Larrieux! Glad she is coming out with a new project. Real music is making a return.

  • Nicole Christ-ina DyingtoLive

    good things come to those who wait....and this just made my day πŸ™‚

  • Bryan K. Langston