Mayer Hawthorne & Kendrick Lamar Commit The Perfect ‘Crime’

With the release of Mayer Hawthorne's Where Does This Door Go imminent, the good folks at NPR are streaming the album in its entirety before its July 16th release date. While we already know that it has strong cuts like the Jessie Ware-assisted "Her Favorite Song" and the heartfelt "Reach Out Richard," the stream has revealed that the album has more than its fair share of strong material and at least one unexpected moment. In-demand rap star Kendrick Lamar continues his cross-genre collaborative streak by making an appearance on the track "Crime." However, there aren't really any misdeeds going on here (well, not unless you count the reefer being passed around). Instead, the funky, laid back track is about a good time that's busted up by 5-0 just as it was really starting to take off. Mayer and Kendrick aren't too worried however, as the party keeps going all the way to precinct with, to quote Mr. Lamar, "300 drunk motherf**kas in a holding cell." Sounds like my type of crowd. If you want to get in on the party, check out "Crime" after the bounce.

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