The Weeknd Invites You To ‘Kiss Land’

In his latest video, The Weeknd invites you to "Kiss Land," a place where anything goes. The raunchy visuals feature The Weeknd singing in front of a lot of sexual activity you should probably pay attention to, but just not while at work. Honestly it was everything I imagined as I listened to the song. A few scantily clad women gyrating against each other in a Japanese bathhouse. Is that what you imagined, too? That means we're kindred spirits. Known for his sensual vocals and hipster R&B style, the song chronicles a night of drugs, sex and partying. In other words, a regular Tuesday night for The Weeknd. The 23-year-old Canadian singer's video teases your eyes and senses with a lot of blurred action and multi-colored imagery with a CCTV overlay. If you're a fan of girl-on-girl action, Japanese animation and Mr. Abel Tesfaye, then this video is for you. The song and video prepare us for his upcoming album of the same name due later this year on Universal Republic.