John Legend & Seal Give Us Something ‘We’ Didn’t Expect

We've already given you the regular version of chance to stream John Legend's upcoming Love in the Future, but as you know, no major label release ever comes in just one edition these days. The deluxe edition of the album will include four additional songs, including an unexpected duet with pop/soul crooner Seal entitled "We Loved It." The song, which finds the two ruminating on a love that's no longer, is a bit of a different sound on John, as the production and arrangement fits more along the lines of what we expect from Seal rather than Mr. Legend. However, instead of shrinking away, John rises to the challenge and equally owns this melancholy melody with his duet partner. After giving the regular edition of the album a spin, I can see why this was relegated to the bonus tracks. Still, it's a pretty solid effort from two of pop/R&B's best crooners. Give "We Loved It" a spin for yourself and see if you agree. 


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