Brandy Isn’t Going To ‘Cry’ For You

Like any established singer, Brandy has a number of songs that didn't make her albums but are worthy of a listen. "Not Going to Make Me Cry" is one such track that's floated around for a while in a less than stellar quality. However, a studio quality version of the track has recently surfaced that showcases how the ballad was meant to sound. Brandy's voice is in its usual fine form on this piano-led, Bryan Michael Cox-penned track as she sings about being too strong to let a heartbreak break her stride. While it's easy to see why this particular track didn't make it on her most recent efforts (the production here, while good, is a bit generic and the lyrics could use a bit more attention), it's still a solid showing from B-Rocka. With talk of Brandy already being back in the studio working on the follow-up to 2012's Two Eleven and her impending nuptials on the horizon, 2014's looking to be a fairly busy year for the singer. Let's hope that whatever she's cooking up will be just as good as this one (if not better).


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