Jesse Boykins III Is ‘Doing It’ Well

Earlier this year Jesse Boykins III borrowed a few records from Chris Brown, Coldplay, Bob Marley and Drake to share his take on them all for his P.O.P. [People or Purpose] EP. This week sees the project's standout and fan favorite "Doing It Wrong" getting an equally smooth accompanying visual. Originally featured on Drake's 2011Take Care album, the song speaks about a rocky and unhealthy kind of love, but Boykins' version takes a bit of a sensual turn with this visual. Following in the footsteps of his soulful forefathers like D'Angelo and Maxwell, Boykins manages to balance simplicity and sexuality in this clip as he tips and tumbles around the bedroom shirtless with his beautiful counterpart. He eventually leaves us all with a quote fit for the introduction to Drake's next album that reads, "A true relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other."

After the bounce

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